After attending The Kitchen Academy of Hollywood in 2006 where "they made a lot of pork", Maureen decided to turn her attention toward the art of baking. Having a background in art, it was simply a matter of making everything edible. Being much better with a paint brush than a piping bag, she took several cake decorating classes to expand on her creative endeavors.

In 2009 Maureen had the opportunity to make a baby shower cake for singer/celebrity Carnie Wilson. Well, there was a match made in heaven! With Carnie's enthusiasm and their mutual love for creative baking, they began to experiment in the kitchen. This resulted in Maureen being asked to appear on Carnie's reality show "Carnie Wilson Unstapled" for The Game Show Network. Perhaps chopping key limes and baking cheesecakes wasn't dramatic enough for reality T.V. because, unfortunately, it all landed on the cutting room floor. The show was a success regardless.

Maureen did go on to make the wrap party cake for the "Newlywed Game", hosted by Carnie, and thought, "better to do all of this without the cameras watching!"

In 2013 Maureen had the opportunity to study with Christopher Garren and Marjie Chua of The Food Network's "Amazing Wedding Cakes" at his Costa Mesa establishment "Let Them Eat Cake".

Maureen, in her own words:

"What an incredible and invaluable experience. Their pure passion for the best in baked goods, their attention to detail and the authenticity of flowers, leaves and even an artichoke was truly inspiring and a huge amount of fun as well! I am so fortunate to have learned from the best.

I hope to continue on creating, learning and bringing new and fabulous items to my customers."